Monday, August 22, 2005

Realistic language on imported Canadian radio shows worries American broadcasters?

Given that the very mild sexual references in one of Garrison Keillor's poetry gave a Kentucky NPR station fits, it shouldn't be too surprising that American Public Media, Keillor's syndicator, is sending out warnings to stations regarding CBC's 'Ideas' program. While Canadians are apparently mature enough to hear words like 'bitch' coming out of their radios without going berserk, Americans just can't be trusted to handle it...

'Be advised this program contains strong material and language. The use of some words may be offensive to listeners. This is a powerful story and the scenes described can be intense.

'Used in Context:
"We're moving from the sort of girl as the sweet petite quiet obedient stereotype to a real advocacy that I'm seeing in girls that being a bitch is cool."
Occurs at 00:06:00 PGM Time.


"I hope to God they transfer your sorry ass out of this school."
Occurs at 00:39:24 PGM Time.

American Public Media web site

Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Breast for the Wicked

On censoring that smut peddler, Garrison Keillor.
San Francisco Chronicle